​Are we living inside a kind of matrix?
Among many thoughts on this a friend wrote:
“We live in a matrix. We are spiritual beings attached directly to God’s essence having a material experience. 
There is no death. But death is the way out of this dimension. So it looks like death. It feels like death. It brings a death experience of sorts. 
 Death serves a purpose. So does life. 
We are not choosing death over life. We are choosing spiritual identity over material limits. 
How we see this life affects our life. Such also has the possibility of affecting our world-view and the evolution of consciousness within this material linked experience”
I can see parallels between a matrix and reincarnation. 
 What do you think?



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10 Steps to Letting Go of Resentment

Replaying the past over and over has psychic and physical costs.

Posted Mar 03, 2011

Resentment refers to the mental process of repetitively replaying a feeling, and the events leading up to it, that goads or angers us. We don’t replay a cool litany of facts in resentment; we re-experience and relive them in ways that affect us emotionally, physiologically, and spiritually in very destructive ways. The inability to overcome resentment probably constitutes the single most devastating impediment to repairing a disintegrating intimate connection, family rift, or severed friendship


You really don’t know somebody until you know how they react in multiple different situations

My apologies


To who this may concern;
So many times I have spoken, (not no internet shit, real life) before I thought first, my thoughts go so fast & they’re ALL over the place SO, if I pissed somebody off or hurt you. I really apologize & 9 times out of 10? it has replayed in my mind at night repeatedly, wishing I would not have said that. (But not you Kelly, I ment that shit)
ty for reading 💋💯


My daughter asked me how long before she gets her TV back? I told her soon if she acted good, she said it’s okay you can keep it longer, I’m training myself how to sleep at night without it. 😇 I applauded her and told her what a grown-up decision❤ She asked me, Mom how long did it take you to grow up? I told her around 31 when I met Rell, and explained to her the changes in myself. I then explained to her the Friends for a season/reason theory.👭

Non-Judgemental Response

I feel your pain bbygirl. You too think differently. Your thoughts need to be expressed to each other

with out

it developing into an argument. Maybe then you can come to a compromise. If not then if its something you feel very strong about, you have to put your foot down knowing no matter the outcome you and your child will be okay.